We’re so excited that you’re interested in having a directory listing with us. Our directory was created based on Mary’s Facebook groups Mary Taylor’s Wedding Shopping Deals and Mary Taylor’s Shopping Finds.

It all started when I was searching for a new happy hour restaurant to try out with my husband. Sometimes Google picks up when people have mentioned certain words that you used to search, within their websites or reviews. However, it is hard to come by especially if restaurants don’t have their specials listed on their website. Some places didn’t even have a website! Luckily, we went for a walk on a strip of shops and came across several deals! But if we hadn’t, we would have never known they even existed. I desperately wished there was an easy way for me to find deals, happy hours, and specials online so I could try out new places! I created my Deals Directory to help locals and tourists find happy hour deals, weekly specials, lunch specials, and more. It’s a great way to easily advertise and encourage more people to stop by and try your restaurant or bar. 

When you create a listing on It’s Mary Taylor, you get so much more than just a listing. We do the advertising and promoting for you to encourage people to use our directory. There will be a blog post that explains what we do which will be shared onto all of our social media platforms. This blog post will highlight the amazing features and ideas behind Mary Taylor’s Deals Directory. You can find posts on Mary’s Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook page

If you haven’t already, please create an account & register here. Then, head to your dashboard here to create a new listing. Then, pay for your listing using the information below. 

All listings are $100 (USD or NZD bank transfer).

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When paying with PayPal, please include your Order ID AND your Listing Name as payment reference. Please keep in mind you must pay in USD to pay using PayPal.

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Make your payment directly in our New Zealand bank account. Please use your Order ID AND your Listing Name as payment reference. Your order won’t get approved until the funds have cleared in our account.

Account Name : Mary Windisch
Account Number : 01-0475-0170855-00

Please note that due to the digital nature of our directory, ALL payments for approved listings are non-refundable. If your listing is not approved initially, you will be refunded.

Your listing will be published for 365 days from the day it is submitted.

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