I am loving having the colour/brightness consistency on my feed, you are honestly changing up my whole business! - Nail Vault NZ | Serena M.

Services available:

  • Head or Body Swaps
  • Background object removal
  • Hair Fixing
  • Liquifying (“Thinning”)
  • Acne & Blemish Removal
  • Composites
  • More!

Contact me for quotes on retouching jobs. Each project is subject to different costs depending on what needs to be altered in the image or images. Image retouching starts at US$5 per image and a minimum of US$10 is required (can be one or multiple projects). If you only have one image that needs to be retouched, you will be quoted a minimum of $10.

If you’re a photographer or business looking to outsource your editing work, please note that the above US$5/image minimum does not apply. Large galleries will be quoted depending on how many images and what type of editing needs to be done. Every project is different which is why I quote each project depending on your needs. Culling services also available.

How it works:

  • Contact me for a quote by emailing me the image and telling me what you’d like done. You can also find me on Facebook for quicker communication.
  • Once I have sent your quote and we have agreed on what will be edited, send me your payment through PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo (Venmo is preferred).
  • Then, email me a high resolution file through email (Google Drive, an attachment, or Dropbox work well).
  • Your final image will be emailed to you. I pride myself in my ability to get my clients their images quickly so if you need something done right away, please let me know! If you’re not satisfied, please email or message me directly as soon as possible so I may fix the problem.

* Note that the images you submit for retouching must be your own photographs (you must own the copyright) or you must have written permission with a signature from the original photographer. Editing other people’s images is against copyright laws.

Below are samples. These include body/head swaps, sky overlays, skin retouching, and more.

Mary is absolutely amazing! Anytime I need help, she is always ready to help. Her work is phenomenal and completely professional. She is my go-to editor every time I need a little extra help! - Rachelle S.

Mary was an absolutely joy to work with. She did some retouching and editing for me and worked extremely fast, and very thorough! She is also very reasonably priced for her highly skilled retouching work. I would refer any peer of mine to use her services when in need!
- Sacia M.

I had Mary retouch some photos for me last night and she did SO WELL. Not to mention, she’s fast and very reasonably priced. She saved some really sweet pictures for me. - Taylor K.