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Image by Birch Lane

#CreateThisLook Pantry

Cute metal baskets on Amazon

Large jars with black lids on Amazon

White metal baket with bamboo handles on Amazon

Image from

Spice drawer inserts on Amazon

Image by Studio Mcgee

Amazon Pantry Inspiration Purchases:

Clear pantry boxes on Amazon

Spice jars with white lids on Amazon

Lazy susans for your pantry on Amazon

White spice labels on Amazon

AliExpress Pantry Inspiration Purchases:

Lazy susan for your pantry on Aliexpress

Black metal basket on AliExpress

Spice jars on AliExpress

Image by vibeandshineshop on Etsy (link to the right)

Eco-friendly, glass & bamboo spice jars

Glass jar with bamboo lids on Etsy

Glass jar with bamboo lids on Amazon

White spice labels on Amazon

Glass jars with bamboo lids on AliExpress

Image by

Bamboo jars… use the links above 🙂


Rectangular wicker baskets on Amazon


Totally unrelated to the organization side of things, but see that pot at the top of the image? That’s an Instant Pot and we have one (called the CrockPot Express) and we are obsessed. 100% best kitchen purchase ever.

Image by The Wonder Cottage
Image by Paper and Pear Store on Etsy (link to the right)

Spice jars & labels

Paper and Pear’s custom spice labels on Etsy

Square spice jars on Amazon

Image by Vicks Great Deals

Can organizing options

(not just what’s pictured to the left)

Stackable can organizer on Amazon

Clear can dispencer on Amazon

Stackable can dispencer on Amazon

Larger clear standing organizer on Amazon

Plastic organizer with lid on Amazon