Whether you already have existing social media accounts or you want to start from scratch, I can help take your brand to the next level.

You’ve probably heard, “Consistency is key!” But running your own business can leave little time for running your social media accounts. You deserve to do what you love and what you feel confident in. If that’s not social media, that’s okay! That’s why I am here to help. 

From grid design and content creation to engagement and analytics reports, me and my team can do it all. You’ll no longer have to spend hours thinking about what to post or worrying about how you’re going to grow your following. Leave it all to me.

We include everything you need to reach more followers, produce high quality content, and gain more sales! We work with highly driven & enthusiastic clients who are ready to invest in their social media pages.

⟡ Grid Design

⟡ Content Creation

⟡ Scheduling & Posting

⟡ Daily Stories

⟡ Analytics Reports

⟡ Interacting & Engaging

⟡ Custom Hashtag Research

⟡ Multiple Platforms

⟡ Grow Your Following

⟡ Reach More Clients

⟡ Extras Below! 

GREAT NEWS 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I have just signed up 2 new clients from a Facebook inquiry! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳


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Hey Mary! Thanks for your advice! And the stories you did for me to help with engagement! ❤️❤️

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Extra. Extra. Read all about it!

(Purchase separately or add to your package if it's not included)

Facebook Group Management:

⟡ Approving new members & recording members questions (including adding emails to your email list) every day

⟡ Tagging new members in a welcome post every day or every week (your choice!)

⟡ Creating and scheduling interactive group posts to keep your audience involved (you choose how many posts per week)

⟡ More! Just ask.

Social Media Interacting & Engaging (Instagram and/or Facebook):

⟡ Custom, target engagement on Instagram

⟡ Sharing FB posts into targeted Facebook groups

⟡ Creating new FB posts into groups in order to create brand awareness, produce market research, and/or gain followers

⟡ More! Just ask.

Instagram & Facebook Audits:

✧ Your engagement rate for your account as well as what this is/more information (IG only)

✧ An analysis of your bio (what you’re doing well and what needs to be improved upon as well as suggestions)

✧ Review of aesthetics of your account – what to improve/what looks good (profile picture, grid design, images, highlight covers, etc).

✧ Custom review of two to three Instagram posts (hashtag usage, caption, image, etc) – recommendations, improvements, what you’re doing well, etc.

Extra Extras

Graphics Packages: 

High-quality, custom graphics to make your brand stand out.

✧ Pinterest ready graphics customized to fit your blog posts, website, and brand

✧ Interactive Facebook post graphics

✧ Instagram story graphics

⟡ Have more ideas? Just ask!

Messaging Outreach:

Looking to grow your account organically? We have a team of trained social media outreach specialists to help you interact and engage with potential followers on Instagram. 

⟡ 50 new messages every day using a spreadsheet of names you request or we can create one for you

⟡ New account created for outreach or outreach directly on your account

⟡ All those that have been outreached to are followed

⟡ Spreadsheet tracking to see who has been messaged

⟡ More options available! Just ask.

I used your engagement techniques and I grew my new account from zero to 200+ followers! Thank you so much Mary!


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