10 Cheap Date Ideas

Robbie and I love having date night! Whether it’s going out for a movie, finding a new happy hour spot, or eating at a sit down restaurant, it’s always fun! But, since we are saving for our new home, we often want to go on dates without the added expenses. We have learned to turn almost every night into a date night (even if that means watching trashy reality TV in bed)!

Here are some of the cheap (or free) date nights we recommend:

  1. A DIY art project! We went to a dollar store (you can also shop online at the Dollar Tree and have things delivered) and picked out a bunch of things to create a sign with our last name! We don’t often get creative with crafts so this was a new and fun way to connect. We brainstormed where it would go and what colors to use before we sat down to execute it together.
  2. A walk through the neighborhood. This is a great way to get exercise and connect with your partner. Whether you want to walk through your neighborhood or go somewhere else for a hike this is a perfect date night/day activity! You can even find a new place to watch the sunset.
  3. Window shopping! We like to get out as much as we can so even when we don’t have to buy anything, we like to walk around the mall and window shop. Even if we don’t leave with anything, we still get to talk, explore, and get some easy exercise. This is a great winter date night activity for when it’s raining or snowing (as long as the mall is indoors)! 
  4. Happy hour – but just go for one drink! We love trying new places and new drinks but sometimes don’t have the funds to go for a full dinner. Find a place during the week that has daily specials or happy hour. Super easy, super fun, and way cheaper than a full priced date night.
  5. Game night! We love playing games and if you already own them, it’s free to play! 
  6. Gardening! For some this might be a chore but we had fun going shopping for and planting our own garden. It was not only cheap but it also provides us food for more date nights.
  7. Beer or wine tasting at home. Go to your local grocery store and pick out a few wines or beers to try at home. You can cover the labels or put the bottles in brown bottle bags and guess which one was the most/least expensive, the oldest, or the best!
  8. Go on a picnic. You need to eat dinner anyways so why not pack it up and take it to a park you’ve never been to before? This is super fun and really easy! 
  9. YouTube dance lessons. We did this when we were practicing for our wedding dance and it was a blast! We laughed the whole time! We also found a local restaurant that offered free dance lessons once a week. If you look you might something similar in your area! 
  10. Read a book together. Find a book that both of you have never read and read it outloud together. Robbie and I are currently reading The Power of Now and it’s super fascinating! Neither of us are big readers but it’s been fun to read together.

BONUS: If you have an animal shelter close by, see if you can volunteer! You can even go in just to pet and play with the animals. This is a great way to help the community, serve others, and spend time with your partner.

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Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3 

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