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First of all, what are birthing affirmations? Birth affirmations are sayings or statements created to help you change your mindset.

Why are birthing affirmations important? Whether you want to print them all or select which ones feel best for you, these birthing affirmations can help you stay focused and positive throughout labor and birth (and even before and after)!

In fact, one study published in 2016 in the National Library of Medicine, suggests that affirmations work because of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change and adapt throughout life.

You don’t just have to use the ones I provide; you can even create your own! The most powerful, effective, and soothing birth affirmations are ones that empower YOU. Practice them by reading and writing them down before birth and have your partner learn them too. As each surge/contraction comes you can continue to say them, read them, and hear them to help you stay focused and calm(er). 

Top tip: Laminate them after you print them so they’re waterproof and can be easily taken with you (without damaging them) from room to room or house to hospital/birthing centre. 

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