How to Identify Your Ideal Client | Worksheet

If you’re having trouble reaching your ideal client it might be because you haven’t yet identified who they are. It’s important to dig deep into who they are so you can analyze where they are and where you can reach them through advertising. They say potential customers need to see your product or service as many as 7+ times in order to actually click purchase.

Why should you identify your ideal client? Our goal in identifying your ideal customer is to spend less time advertising in places they wouldn’t be. We want to spend more time focusing on how they WILL see your advertisement, post, or product. The more clarity you have surrounding your potential clients, customers, and followers, the more effective your marketing can be.

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This is why I created my ideal client worksheet. You’ll learn more about your ideal client by filling out a series of questions on who your ideal client is. We will think about age, gender, location, family status, and so much more. The goal of this is to really imagine you’re the ideal client. To find out where they might be so you can easily target them and market directly to your ideal customer. Then, you’ll use the information that you fill out on the first page, to think even deeper. We want to put your answers into action!

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