“She’ll Be Right” Kiwi Mentality

If you’ve ever met a Kiwi you would 100% have heard the term “she’ll be right” but what does it actually mean?!

I asked my husband (who is a New Zealander) to explain what it really means. He said, “Being kiwis, we love to simplify things as much as possible. That even comes down to words and sentences. We even like to personify things! The Kiwi phrase ‘She’ll be right,’ means that no matter what happens it’s really not gonna be that bad. For example, if you get a flat tire it sucks but it’ll all be fine.” What they mean is whatever is going wrong will work itself out. The word “she” in the phrase means “everything.” The phrase can be used in any situation from casual to extreme hardship.

I, personally, think about it like a coping mechanism. A way to think of the positive. A way to move past struggles without resentment, fear, or sorrow. That even the things that aren’t perfect are still good enough to serve the purpose they are meant to.

Although I don’t always agree with how it’s used or how often it’s used, I think some people need a bit of more of the “She’ll be right” mentality in their lives.

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