Tips for Writing Social Media Posts w/ Topic Ideas

I was speaking to a client a few weeks ago and she says, “Writing and creating social media posts just aren’t my thing. In fact, I HATE it!” I totally get it – we all have aspects of business that we just don’t enjoy. She proceeded to talk about her business – their mission, goals, and the all around idea of what she does. When she finished up I said, “And that right there was four social media posts. That’s what you should share about! Your passions, your goals, what your business is REALLY about!” I could almost hear the buzzer going off in her head, “You’re right! I never thought about it like that!” 

tips for writing social media posts

When you’re writing your social media posts, don’t overthink. You can use how you really feel about what you do to help you create social media posts. You still might not enjoy the act of doing it but at least you know what you want to talk about. Write down those stories, goals, and purpose behind your business.

Creating social media posts is also about repurposing content. Some of your followers might be new so sometimes you might need to re-introduce yourself or your business. You can also repurpose content from your business plan, website, and more. Especially when starting out, it’s important to establish why your company stands out. You should give a general overview of who you are and what you do. Then, you can start to post about other things – quotes that fit your business, stories, testimonials, etc.


I find it so much easier to sit down and schedule out posts (using Later) instead of having to think of something to post every day. Once you start, you might actually get into the groove of it and soon you’ll find you’re all scheduled out for a week or more. 

If you’re not sure what to post about here’s a list of ideas:

  1. Your mission statement
  2. Descriptions of your services (if applicable)
  3. Photos/descriptions of your products (if applicable)
  4. Behind the scenes
  5. Testimonials
  6. Quotes relating to your business
  7. Tips about something within your industry
  8. Thank your customers
  9. Definitions/teach your audience something new
  10. Repurpose blog content
  11. How-to
  12. Throwback
  13. Real-life customer images
  14. Story time
  15. How you started/background
  16. Why you’re unique/different
  17. Your passions/purpose

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