30+ Things to do at Home While in Isolation

What has isolation looked like for you? People around the world are being forced or encouraged to stay inside – to self-isolate and to quarantine during this virus epidemic. Many people are struggling with what to do with so much time at home. No matter who you are or what you do as a profession, here are some suggestions on what you can do at home with your extra time. Keep in mind that these are great activities for all year round (looking at those that have snowed in winters).

General things you can do to keep busy:

  1. De-clutter: create a box of things that you can donate or sell (clothes, toys, shoes, kitchenware, etc)
  2. Reorganize your leftover items
  3. Go through your emails and delete what you don’t need anymore
  4. Delete and organize the photos on your phone and on your computer
  5. Start or complete a DIY project
  6. Cook or bake something new
  7. Read a book
  8. Start a new TV series
  9. Garden
  10. Meditate
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11. Find a new podcast to listen to
12. Create new Spotify playlists
13. Practice yoga or learn a new workout routine (there are tons of great videos on YouTube for free!)
14. Deep clean your house
15. Learn to sew or knit
16. Learn or practice a new language
17. Learn or practice a new instrument
18. Plan fun, indoor date nights
19. Set the living room up like a movie theater and have a movie night (we use a projector like this one)
20. Have a game night/day (here are some games that we have and love)
21. Rest/take a nap! You deserve it!
22. Call/Facetime/Skype friends and family members you haven’t spoken to you recently – even have a virtual double date
23. Go through everything that you’ve saved on Facebook and remove what you don’t need                        24. Have an at home spa/pamper day

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, here are some things that you can do from home:

  1. Update your website with new information and/or pictures
  2. Start a blog on your website or schedule out future blog posts on your current blog
  3. Schedule out social media posts
  4. Create new social accounts that you don’t already have but would like to (Pinterest, Tik Tok, Facebook group, YouTube channel, etc)
  5. Learn something new through an online course or YouTube
  6. Re-organize your office space

7. Interact for a minimum of 60 minutes every day on social media
8. Create a list of goals for the next six months
9. Spruce up your current social media pages with new highlight covers, Facebook covers, etc.
10. Design a new logo
11. Network with and support other professionals
12. Go live on Facebook
13. Give other businesses you’ve worked with reviews online
14. Update all of your accounts including Google
15. Update contact forms, questionnaires, etc.
16. Create another form of income such as listing templates on Etsy

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To help you stay motivated and on top of it, every day I will be posting on my Facebook page at least one task! If you have done the task or that will be your task for the day, comment and let me know! Let’s hold each other accountable while having fun. If you have any other ideas of what people can do to make their time at home more interesting, productive, or fun, let us know on Facebook or Instagram! To find good recipes, fun activities, and interesting articles, follow me on Pinterest here.

I hope this blog helped you to think of some fun and productive ideas! If it did and you would like to stay updated with more blogs and posts, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3