The Story Behind My “She’ll Be Right” Cookbook

One day my husband turned to me while we were in the kitchen and said, “You should write a cookbook! But not just any cookbook. A cookbook designed for the way that YOU cook!”

You’re probably wondering what that means – how is my cooking and are my recipes any different?! Well, you see, I use recipes as inspiration not as directions. It might sound crazy but temperatures and measurements aren’t really a thing in my “book”. The closest thing I can compare it to is the kiwi mentality and phrase, “She’ll be right!” (Which you can learn more about here). In the case of cooking, if you add a little bit too much of this or a little bit less of that, it doesn’t really matter because it’s probably still going to taste good.

I have a massive passion for cooking and have ever since I was little. I remember standing on a small Spanish table just so I could reach the counters as I was helping my dad chop tomatoes with a dull knife. My dad is the chef of the family and when I say chef, I really mean it (although he would humbly say he “just cooks”). From the most amazing chili to homemade pasta sauce and marinated meat, he knows how to do it all. Growing up I even thought I wanted to be a chef (professionally not just for friends and family) but I’ve since decided that I would love to keep it as a passion and not as a profession.

Picture of the top of the table I used to stand on when I was little

Over the last couple of years I have shared pictures of my food on Instagram and on my Facebook page and people started to ask for recipes. Although I’m not much of a recipe girl, I’ve decided to start a cooking section of my blog. Some day, it might even become a real cookbook! It will be different than any of the other cooking blogs or recipes you’ve seen before because I won’t be using traditional methods of measurement. Sometimes you might not even see any measurements. Cooking to me is more than just about what’s on the page. It’s about learning what flavors and combinations go together. It’s a unique experience with food and ingredients. There’s no one perfect way to make anything. Someone who tries your food might say it’s just right while others may say it’s too salty, too sweet or too spicy. You may be allergic to something or just not like it at all. Use my recipes as an inspiration and a guideline not as directions. Here are some dishes you can look forward to seeing posted on my blog soon!

I hope you have fun reading my recipes and making them for yourself. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you try any of my recipes please tag me in any pictures you post and feel free to message me about how you liked it (and don’t forget to send me pictures)! You can check out all my blog posts with recipes here.

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“She’ll Be Right” Kiwi Mentality

If you’ve ever met a Kiwi you would 100% have heard the term “she’ll be right” but what does it actually mean?!

I asked my husband (who is a New Zealander) to explain what it really means. He said, “Being kiwis, we love to simplify things as much as possible. That even comes down to words and sentences. We even like to personify things! The Kiwi phrase ‘She’ll be right,’ means that no matter what happens it’s really not gonna be that bad. For example, if you get a flat tire it sucks but it’ll all be fine.” What they mean is whatever is going wrong will work itself out. The word “she” in the phrase means “everything.” The phrase can be used in any situation from casual to extreme hardship.

I, personally, think about it like a coping mechanism. A way to think of the positive. A way to move past struggles without resentment, fear, or sorrow. That even the things that aren’t perfect are still good enough to serve the purpose they are meant to.

Although I don’t always agree with how it’s used or how often it’s used, I think some people need a bit of more of the “She’ll be right” mentality in their lives.

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DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipes

As grocery stores are running out of hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and anti-bacterial wipes, more and more people are making their own! Here’s a few simple recipes that you can use to make your own DIY hand sanitizer! Let us know on Facebook if you make your own. We would love to see your pictures. 

‘Just the basics’ gel hand sanitizer:

2/3 cups rubbing alcohol (99.9% isopropyl alcohol)
1/3 cup aloe vera gel

Pros: Super easy. Least expensive. 

Cons: Strong smell of alcohol with nothing to mask the smell or provide additional benefits.

Easy essential oil hand sanitizer spray with alcohol:

4 tsp rubbing/isopropyl alcohol (optionally vodka – preferably over 60% alcohol)
1/2 tsp distilled water
1/2 tsp Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)
30 Drops doTERRA On Guard essential oil – you can also use lemon or lavender essential oil if you prefer. On Guard is great for immune support which is why this is my preference. 

Pros: Some people really want to have it 65% plus alcohol. So this will do that. This will also give you that dry hand effect.
Cons: Strong smell alcohol & alcohol is not good for our skin or our gut biome / good bacteria.

Essential oil hand sanitizer without alcohol:

4 tsp witch hazel
1 tsp distilled water
1/4 tsp aloe (optional for softer feel)
20-30 drops On Guard or other essential oil
Pros: No alcohol. Smells great. Skin feels nourished. Also slight drying effect (and if you do use witch hazel WITH alcohol then even more so – but without smell of isoprop alcohol).
Cons: Very slight wet/sticky feel. But hardly noticeable IMO.

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